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Pulse Therapy offers a wide range of services to help you reduce stress, relieve pain, enhance your bodies ability to recover and more.

Whether you want to increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair; resolve inflammation or relieve pain. We have a therapy that will work for you!
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We offer a wide range of innovative services that will get you feeling better than ever!

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Brenda M.
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Where do I begin...long story short, I walked into his clinic not being able to hear from ear and sinus infection which had been going on for 6 weeks. After a few treatments my hearing was restored. Tears of joy being able to hear again! Thanks Travis! Would highly recommend Pulse Therapy!
Becky B.
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My daughter fractured her back a few years ago and after riding she is normally taking an advil because she is sore. After one session in the chair, she never once mentioned for the rest of the weekend that she was sore!
Jodi L.
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I think Pulse Therapy should be a go to for all post partum momma's! This therapy has helped immensely with my hip pain after childbirth and also any back and shoulder pain I've had now from breastfeeding, carrying carseat, etc.
Marie I.
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Managing PHN without meds has been made easier (possible) with the work that Travis does. Relief is immediate & lasts for much longer than I expected. Thank you Travis!!
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